The Adopted Dog

By May 11, 2017
July 23, 2017 10:30 am - 3:30 pm Friends of Manningham Dogs & Cats, 53-55 Aranga Cresent, Donvale Vic

With thousands of dogs adopted every year, this seminar is all about the ins and outs of the adopted dog.

Whether you’re a potential dog adopter OR rehoming dogs through a pound, shelter or rescue group- this is a seminar for you!

Presented by Underdog Training’s Tamara Jackman, The Adopted Dog will cover:

  • The origin of the adopted dog. Where can rescued dogs come from and how does this affect their behaviour?
  • Benefits of Dog adoption
  • Shelter vs Pound vs Foster Care- Advantages and Disadvantages of each
  • Choosing the right dog
  • How to become an in demand adopter!
  • Preparing for a new addition
  • Redefining “Settling In”- settling in to good behaviour
  • How to become an in demand shelter/ pound/ rescue group!
  • Presenting and promoting dogs to improve adoptability
  • Developing Environmental Enrichment programs
  • The relevance of history in behaviour modification
  • Dealing with Potential Adopters
  • Improving the three R’s- Reclaim/ Rehome/ Return!
  • Post Adoption Responsibilities
The Adopted Dog Seminar

This event would be suitable for anyone involved in rescue, foster carers, shelters, pounds as well as interested dog owners

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

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Tamara Jackman – Underdog Training & Behaviour Consulting

Tamara completed the National Dog Trainers Federation course in 2004, and has a special interest in the behaviour, management and rehabilitation of shelter and pound dogs.
She has worked  with a variety of pounds, shelters and rescue groups striving to achieve best practice and regularly gives seminars around Australia.
In addition to this, Tamara owns and manages Underdog Training & Behaviour Consulting, offering private consultations, puppy classes and group training in Melbourne.
Underdog Training & Behaviour

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