Enhancing Behaviour & Training through Holistic Practices

By August 28, 2017
October 29, 2017 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Hairy Hounds Playground 12 Bentley St, Williamstown North VIC 3016

Doggiedom’s Canine Wellness Practitioner and qualified dog trainer Kerri Bradley will present a half day seminar on how you can enhance dog training and behaviour management by applying a more holistic approach to your dog’s care.

Kerri will cover some of the major influences rarely considered in dog training and behaviour management, including the importance of diet and gut health, physical wellbeing and recognising the impacts of emotional states of both handler and dog.

Topics Covered:

Understanding influences on behaviour:

  • Dog Nutrition and gut health – the foundation of good physical and mental health
  • How nutrition affects behaviour
  • Foods for good memory
  • Promoting calm and focused training
  • How pain and illness impacts behaviour
  • The importance of a healthy immune system
  • Environmental factors impacting psychological and emotional health
  • Handler influences on behaviour – beyond training techniques

Complementary practices to enhance your training and behaviour management:

  • Exploring the pros and cons of different feeding models and deciding  on the best diet for your dog for great physical and mental health
  • Developing strong psychological and emotional health naturally and finding the best physical activities for your dog
  • Managing your own mental, physical and emotional health to better connect with your dog
  • Exploring complementary therapies to support physical, mental and emotional health – physical therapies, energetic therapies, herbs and essential oils, instinctive healing
Kerri Holistic Approaches Seminar

About Kerri Bradley

Kerri is the director of DOGGIEDOM, a business dedicated to promoting wellness for dogs through species appropriate wholesome foods and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Kerri is certified in Small Animal Nutrition and Herbal Medicine (National College of Traditional Medicine, Victoria), and is also a qualified dog trainer (National Dog Trainers Federation, Victoria).

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