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Can’t attend one of our events? No problem! Let us bring the education to you, no matter where you are in Australia!

We regularly receive requests from animal businesses around Australia to organise an event specifically for them. Our flexibility means that we can organise either one of our previously held public events specifically for you, or tailor one that is more suited to your needs.

Whether you are a shelter or rescue group, vet clinic, obedience club, council or pet store, let Chews Australia take care of it for you. Professional development has never been easier!

Why Choose CHEWS?

We save you time

Not only do we take care of all of the organising for you, but our range of industry professionals are experts within their field, offering the highest standard of education, therefore saving you time finding an experienced and qualified presenter.

Education that you can trust

Our philosophy is to always provide you with a high standard of learning and as a result, we have become a trusted and reliable source of education in Australia.

We are experts in what we do

We organise multiple events on a monthly basis and have done so for a number of years now.

We are the only business in Australia that is solely dedicated to offering interactive, fun & informative workshops & seminars on all things dog, cat & small animal, and our success rate over the years has meant that we can provide an easily accessible opportunity for professional development and up-skilling for a range of animal related businesses.

Our presenters are amazing!

Having a large number of presenters means that we can offer a range of different topics and easily source the most suitable speaker for you, therefore guaranteeing that you are only getting the best!

We love what we do

Here at Chews Australia, we are passionate about what we do and will always strive to give you the best!

It is important to us that we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and we love being able to provide the services that we do.

Interactive group learning

We offer fun and interactive group learning, which not only means that you can save time with training staff all at the same time, but our events can also help promote sharing ideas within the workplace.

We keep up with the industry

The animal industry is constantly evolving and it can be hard keeping up with the latest training methods and techniques. Chews Australia will ensure that your staff are constantly advancing and help you stay ahead of the rest!

Tax Deductible

Organising an event through Chews Australia for the purpose of staff training is tax deductible.


Organising the training especially at my own location was easy and simple. The speakers Trish Harris and Sally Haynes were extremely knowledgeable and generous with their time.
Thanks to Chews for organising everything and for following up everything, very professional service.

Lort Smith

We have now had two training sessions organized for us at our club and they have both been very well received. Organizing them through Chews was very easy and Tammie is very helpful. The presenters were very knowledgeable in their respective fields, presented well and were very friendly and accommodating.
We look forward to arranging some more sessions next year through Chews.

Keilor Obedience Dog Training Centre

Event Suggestions

  • Rehabilitating Frightened Felines
  • Fear Aggression in dogs
  • Pet First Aid
  • Canine Communication
  • The Adopted Dog
  • Multiple Dog Households
  • Understanding Feline Communication
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs
  • Free Shaping
  • Enriching your cat’s life
  • Multiple Cat Households

For more information on these events or for other event ideas, refer to our Past Events page