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CHEWS seminars & workshops are suited to all critter and hound enthusiasts! Borrowing from the knowledge of animal trainers and specialists to ensure the highest standard of education for all animal lovers, dog trainers, pet shop staff and more! A range of industry professionals means that the CHEWS base for learning is always growing and expanding with new and interesting topics to choose from on a regular basis.

Organising the training especially at my own location was easy and simple. The speakers Trish Harris and Sally Haynes were extremely knowledgeable and generous with their time.
Thanks to Chews for organising everything and for following up everything, very professional service.

Lort Smith

Why choose CHEWS?

  • Customize your events! Our flexibility means that you can tailor events specifically to your staff training requirements.
  • The animal industry is constantly evolving, and it can be hard keeping up with the latest training methods and techniques etc. Chews Australia will ensure that your staff are constantly advancing and help you stay ahead of the rest!
  • Providing an easily accessible opportunity for your staff to have professional development means that up to date training will boost your staff confidence in their ability to perform relevant tasks, which can in turn improve customer satisfaction.
  • CHEWS seminars and workshops offer interactive group learning which not only means that you can save time through training staff all at the same time, but our events can also help promote sharing ideas within the workplace.
  • CHEWS makes it easy for your staff to acquire new skills, which can not only increase productivity and innovation, but can also add an additional service to your business.
  • Organising an event through Chews Australia for the purpose of staff training is tax deductible.

Would you like to offer your staff up to date education and training, without the hassle?

Training your staff is an investment to your business. Professional development has never been easier, giving you more time to focus on other things!

Don’t have time to find an experienced and qualified presenter?

Let Chews Australia take care of that for you! Chews Australia’s range of industry professionals are experts within their field and offer the highest standard of education.

Would you like your staff to receive professional development on a particular topic, but don’t know where to start?

Whether you are a shelter or rescue group, vet clinic, obedience club or pet store, Chews Australia can organise events tailored specifically for your needs.

Have a particular topic in mind?

No problem! CHEWS range of presenters means that we can offer you a broad range of topics relevant to your business. Whether you would like to run an already established Chews Australia event, or something specifically for you, we can organise it for you.

Want to have the event at your workplace?

Let the training come to you! Chews Australia can organise to hold the event at your workplace or at another venue suitable for your requirements if you prefer. It’s your choice!

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Event Suggestions

  • Aggression in Dogs
  • Holistic Care for Cats & Dogs
  • Training your Deaf Dog
  • Rally-O
  • Pet First Aid
  • Understanding dog training equipment
  • Canine Nutrition
  • The Mystery of Cat
  • Teaching Your Dog Self Control
  • Dangerous Dog Assessing & Handling
  • Small Animal Handling
  • T touch
  • Anxiety in Cats
  • Companion Parrots
  • Boredom or Anxiety in Dogs

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