Multiple Dog Households

By July 29, 2016
October 16, 2016 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Quest Melbourne Airport 20 Annandale Rd, Melbourne Airport

This 1.5 hour presentation is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about managing a multi dog household and is ideal for dog trainers, shelter workers, rescue groups and foster carers.

  • Understanding multiple dog household dynamics

  • Introducing a new dog

  • Safe vs risky interactions and play

  • Preparing for another dog

  •  Possible triggers to the fights – why do they fight and what keeps them fighting

  • How to know when you have an issue brewing and when to seek help

  • Q&A Time

Please join us after the presentation from 11:30 onward for the “When Three’s a Crowd” book launch where there will be opportunities to purchase your copy of the book.“When Three’s A Crowd” is a must-read book for any dog owner in a multi-dog household that is experiencing fighting amongst their dogs, is concerned about the potential for fights, or wishes to set systems in place to stop fights from occurring.In her book, Trish Harris from Four Paws K9 Training discusses some of the reasons why fighting amongst dogs occurs, triggers that can set off fights, and what owners should do if a fight erupts. She explains what behaviours to look out for and outlines what constitutes a ‘serious fight’, and gives educated suggestions and tips on how to manage and control your dogs, as well as providing a Necessary Exercises section that includes step-by-step techniques to teach your dog simple obedience skills.

Finger food and nibblies will be available during the book launch.