Multiple Cat Households

By September 11, 2017
November 15, 2017 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm FOMDAC 53-55 Aranga Crescent, Donvale

If you are considering bringing another cat into the home or would like tips and pointers on how to keep the harmony in your current multi-cat household, then this presentation is perfect for you!

Cats can be quite complex creatures, and keeping the peace can sometimes be difficult!

Join us and Samantha Roxk from Silent Meow as she goes through not only things to consider if you would like to bring another cat into the home, but also:

  • Introducing a new cat

  • Multi-cat household set-up

  • Building relationships between cats

There will also be question and answer time where you can ask Sam about any issues you may be having.

This presentation is suitable for potential multiple-cat owners, cat owners, rescue groups and shelters, cat boarding facilities, those with an interest in cat behaviour and training, and anyone who works with multiple cats.

Samantha Rokx, BANIMSC (Hons) – Silent Meow

In 2009, Samantha completed an honours degree in Animal Science, and then went on to complete a Certificate in Cat Psychology and Training through Career line Courses Australia.

Samantha’s life and passion are cats, and she has worked with thousands of them over the years in the cattery department of a large animal shelter.

She now runs her own business ‘Silent Meow’ which is one of its kind, and offers feline owners behaviour consults and cat sitting in their own home.

Presenter for Chews Australia